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Copyshop Experience The Copyshop Experience sums it up best, and this has happened to me endless times over many years. You'll love it.

Bookstore Metaphor this site has over 100 poems and two novels for you a Bookstore Metaphor. While the poems are all free, I'll explain why the novels are half free/try-buy (optional). It's my invention from 1996, the HTML Novel. Learn about Read-a-Latte. It all makes sense—Economics 101.

Happy Reading my Happy Writing!On this site, you can read two novels plus over one hundred of my poems, written in high school, in college, during my starving artist days in New Haven, CT; while on the road, hitch-hiking around the U.S.A. from New England across the States to Oregon and down the coast to San Diego; and five years as an enlisted man stationed in FRG (Cold War Germany) before I hung up my poetry spurs and devoted all that atmospheric, creamy, rich, poetic, artistic energy in writing pungent prose. More info later—any site like this is forever a work in progress.

Ultimately, it's not about me or my webplex (of interlinked sites relevant to my writing) but about the writing itself. Every work speaks for itself, like a butterfly briefly glimpsed, a hummingbird hovering by a red blossom, before they vanish in the wink of your eye (but leave a twinkle).

Aside from the two youthful novels, I offer one anthology (of three) of my poems written mostly between ages 13 to 27. I was a working professional (summer interne newspaper reporter) at 17 (had to take a night off to graduate from high school) and the journalism bug is forever with me. I was a published poet by age 18, and completed by first full novel at 19 while a sophomore at the University of Connecticut. That work deserves to be read as we hurtle on through space.

In the Final Analysis, the works speak for themselves. Their background, as written across two continents by a young man setting out on a long journey, is history. What matters today is not what he wrote on a napkin at the Campus Restaurant in Storrs, or a Bierdeckel at Zum Spinnrädel, or in a notebook near the Champs-Élysées, but what the stories and poems tell us today.


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